Deep Well Casing

Deep Well Casing

As oil and gas exploration goes with deeper and deeper wells, working environment of Casing is getting more and more complex. TP-V series products designed for deep and complex well service are remarkable for their high yield and tensile strengths while maintaining good ductility and fracture.



Over past years TP-V products have been used in Tarim Oilfield, Northwest oil field, Sinopec Southwest, Xinjiang Oilfield, ZhongYuan oil field by dozens of users. From 2003, TPCO has developed a series of non-standard  steel grades for high strength oil casing with premium connections according to the special geological conditions of oilficlds.Many problems of drilling and well cementing had been solved by using TPCO designs and products.

Specially designed deep well casing of TP-V series (incomplete statistic)


TP-V series products provide remarkable advantages to casing string design of ultra-deep wells.
TP-140V ф273.05x13.84mm casing with TP-CQ connection had been used as intermediate casing in KS-7 extra-deep well of Tarim Oilfield, which was completed on March 12, 2010.
It created a new world record – cumulatively 656 casing joints weighing 630 tons run down to the depth of 7087 meters in a single well. Once again TPCO product performances were proven reaching the leading level in the world.