Steel material corrosion evaluating system

Cortest Proof Ring

The Cortest Proof Ring is designed specifically to accuratelyrapidly and economically determine the Sulfide Stress Cracking (SSC) susceptibility of materials in H2S (sour) environment. The Cortest unit can evaluate the anti-corrosion behavior of metals under constant use in a variety of environments.

Autoclave Testing System

Autoclave is ahigh temperature and high pressure testing system, through controlling temperature,pressure, time and flow velocity, it can simulate down-hole, oil-gas delivery system, oil refined, and nuclear power station conditions, determine the velocity of corrosion, evaluating pitting corrosion, cracking, stress corrosion and electrochemistry character, and fulfill the material screening, material life-span forecast, in hibitor screening and corrosive mechanism research.

Slow Strain Rate Test System

Slow strain rate test system applies a stress by a invariableness slow strain rate on sample in corrosive environment for estimating the susceptivity of material at special surroundings.